Just Wheel Cleaner

Just Wheel Cleaner

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We feel that some companies complicate the process of keeping your ride clean. We keep it simple, it's just Wheel Cleaner, buy it. 

Scent: Non-Scented  
-16 oz Bottle 
-Ph Balanced Safe for all Wheels. 
-No Scrubbing When used with a Pressure Washer.
- Excellent with removing brake dust.  

Wash Instructions:
Step 1: Spray cleaner on the soiled area and let for 2-3 minutes.
Step 2: Spray more cleaner on areas that were missed. 
Step 3: Use a pressure washer to fan the cleaner of the wheel. 
Step 4: Wheels that have been neglected and need additional attention may be required to get brushed. Do so and repeat steps 1-3.
Step 5: Keep it Simple! Don't complicate the process.

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