iLDS| FL2k18 - Bradenton Motorsports Park


FL2k18 was a racers paradise. We saw from Friday thru Sunday the abundance of horsepower addicts all over Bradenton. It was definitely a great build up and you really had to attend multiple days to take it all in. There was so much competition on the racing side, and many upsets. The biggest takeaway from this event was you had to have fun. You could see a lot of friendly competition and some tense match ups. There was plenty of good sportsmanship and watching the veteran drivers educating the younger drivers.

This is what I love about Florida. We dodged rain a few times, which was normal. However, the energy of this event was on kill. The track staff did an awesome job getting the cars up and down the track. I heard the track prep was excellent! Which leads me to say, Congratulations to my good friend Victor, now new owner of BMS. He’s also the founder of this awesome event. His hospitality is always bar none.

iLDS was suppose to vend on Saturday and showed up late to the event. We apologize if you missed us. The whole crew had a late start. We really didn’t want to further inconvenience the FL2k Staff to reinvent the wheel. So we pulled up, hopped out, and made a fun time out of it.



Me being the co-host of Backlash, where I work side by side with Victor to host an event that’s slightly different than most track events. It was very important for me to see FL2k through the eyes of a spectator this time and not being tied to my vending tent. So much was cooking in my head during this event and I can’t wait to follow up with Victor as we start to sculpt Backlash 2019. Stay tuned for updates and information about Backlash, as we should have an event date released soon! Thank you for supporting us, enjoy our coverage. -Ross

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