Winterfest 2023 FAQs

Most of the answers to your questions about Winterfest are here. Otherwise please email us.

Yes, children 12 years old and under are free.

Yes tickets are available for purchase at the event but they will cost more than our online pricing. (CASH ONLY)

Yes, please keep your pet on a leash.

Winterfest has a fair mix of mild wild. We have a good arrangement of imports and domestics. Cars, Trucks, and Bikes.

Yes! Winterfest features a Top 15.
1 Best of Show, and 4 Notable mentions. Each year our trophies are different, we strive to make them something worth having.

Winterfest is from 11AM-4PM.
Approximately a 5hr event and we keep it very strict to schedule.

*Show Vehicles may be there are few hours earlier for staging.*

The easiest way to park in the Hanger is to be a booth car for one of our vendors. Reach out to them and see if they need a booth car. You never know. Any other cars parked in the hangar would be cars that are affiliated with our event crew or booth.

You would have to submit your vehicle and be picked to parked in the Fresh 100 side of our event.
Here: Fresh100
It will close soon.

Yes! Winterfest includes our Fresh100 and regular show area. The regular show is suppose be the largest part of the event. Which allows us to feature everyone that either paid the day of the event or recieved a cheaper admission buying tickets online. Get your Show Vehicle tickets here: Tickets

Winterfest features a Top 15.
1 Best of Show, and 4 notable mentions.

We observe judging from the roll-in mainly to see what cars are actually going to be at the event. Once everyone has settled our team goes around the event looking at all the vehicles. Once we notice the runner ups we snap photos of the vehicles and their judging card (mainly for the owners information). 30 Mins before our event ends we present the winners amongst other things on stage.

You can certainly stand by your car. However, no conversation can sway our judging decision. Our Judging is holistic not technical. "We're all car guys, at a show the end product is what we want to judge."

If you felt that you weren't judged. Please ask anyone in a staff shirt to point you to the closest judge. Judging is subjective and we do it relatively quickly due to the nature of what we're looking for. (Wow factor, Quality of parts, craftsmanship, exclusivity, overall cleanliness, and what's rare)

Cash Only or Cashapp , No Cards
This allows us to move the lines faster.