Midtown Meet| Summervibes 2023 Per-meet

Midtown Meet| Summervibes 2023 Per-meet
So most know before we do any of our main events we try to put together something for the locals to meet the out of towners. Coined the "pre-meet" Over the years pre-meets have evolved some are very simple and some are truthfully over the top. We've stayed in our lane and have always tried to make these meets last minute but worth the drive. Some might question that based on where they're parked, etc.  

This pre-meet was very special to us because it allowed us to display another part of our city. It wasn't completely free for us but we figured why not send off Summervibes Ybor 2023, in it 6th year with a bang. So we took the tab on this one.  Working exclusively with the midtown mgmt. group and, S/O's to the Corsa Rally group for blessing us with the referral, The Midtown Meet was a thing. 

I was surprised that even though the meet was last minute it brought such a large audience. We really wanted to give people the opportunity to socialize the night before our event. The turnout was so good we consider possibly doing a 2 day event for summervibes next year. We not only want to get people to come to our city but also give them cool "shit" to do. 

As always all feedback is accepted shoot us an email info@ilovedrivingslow.com. We do all these events for you and want to keep them growing and evolving the right way. 

Thanks for the support,

More Coverage Here: https://flic.kr/s/aHBqjAzZcs

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