Summervibes Ybor 2021Coverage

Summervibes Ybor 2021Coverage

It’s a summertime vibe and a car event at the same time. Ybor City has it all: palm trees, lots of sun, the outdoors, bars, and great food. Using Ybor city and having no general admission was the best way to unify the automotive community. Summervibes started as an event we intended to move around the state and it has been in Ybor for 4 years now. We started this event to replace Cars N Beaches and it debuted in Lakeland FL in 2016. The plan is to continue to grow this event all over Florida and even out of state. We promote automotive safety in our events to help build unity. That’s what iLDS stands for.

Hosting events for us is like 2nd nature. I tribute our success to our crew and the help of various departments of the city of Tampa that trust and work with us. I would never say every event goes as planned. However, the ability to make changes on the go is important. 2019 was a hard year for everyone, it really proved if we were here to stay. We endured many expenses and made many critical changes. We honestly couldn’t do this without our supporters and we are very humbled. Summervibes Ybor has become one of our most sought after events. It’s clear based on this year’s attendance. The fact that people still parked around the city after not being accepted or learning about the event late is what made our footprint massive. Our estimated attendance was surpassed by 4 times the amount of people. This was awesome! We hope to bring this same energy to our 10 year anniversary of Winterfest on December 11th. We understand that with things recently opening up here in FL, people want something to do. We certainly hope that Svibes and Winterfest to come will satisfy that desire.

Winterfest sign-ups are available right now. Today 5/31 is the last day to get the cheapest possible tickets to the event. This event will be hosted at the Sun N Fun in Lakeland, FL and features an indoor airplane hangar and outdoor staging airfield. This will be our 3rd year hosting the event there and we certainly can’t wait to evolve the event. Don’t miss it! We are allowing food vendors at this event with limited spaces to fill, same with the indoor spaces and our Fresh100 *(VIP) area. Sign-up now!

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  • Mike

    Deff want to make the trip winterfest after seeing all these pics

  • Luis Martinez (Don_lacrosse)

    Pictures are fire! Great coverage! Loved the event!

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