Chaz's Q Conversion

Chaz's Q Conversion

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So what did I tell you? Haha, putting these features together is always a challenge. It’s a play on communication with photographers, owners, etc. However, when everything comes together it’s all worth it. So we continue, but wait, I must take ownership of the opportunity of reaching out to more photographers. So reach out on IG @ildsross and we might be able to work together.

Chaz is a local that I've known for many years. I think my best memory is when he took his M down the track at Backlash. He joined our group over a year ago and last year really messed it up for us because we didn’t get to hit many events together. However, as things trend to get better make sure to look out for his ride at our shows and the ones we vend at. His M has a Q70 badge on it so whenever I see him I’m like wait is it a M or a Q I’m confused lol. His conversion always causes the Infiniti enthusiasts to stop and look. The car looks good and certainly makes you look for all of the details when you see it in person. Chaz is a very humble person and very helpful too. We are thankful to have him in our group. We hope you enjoy his feature.

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Why do you love driving slow, or why not?

To prevent damage to the car from potholes while cruising these Tampa streets! lol

Exterior Mods

-Infiniti Q70 Sport OEM Conversion
-Complete Custom black housed led headlights (sequential)
-LED side mirrors (sequential)
-Custom Metallic Black Paint Paint Matched Engine Covers
-Custom front splitter
-Custom side splitters
-Limo tint all around
-Wellvisor Window Visors

Wheels/ Suspension

-Weds Kranze Vishunu Wheels 20x11F 20x11.5R
-Universal Air Suspension bags over BC Coilovers
-SPC Camber Arms
- Accuair E-Level Air Management
-Custom air ride controller mount
-Candy Red painted Seamless tank
-Bag Riders Digi-Gauge II Kit
-Dual Viair 485c Compressors
- Akebono Oem big brake kit
-Cquence custom slotted Rotors TBW -Performance aluminum under tray (Gloss black)

Interior Mods

-Custom honeycomb carbon fiber steering wheel -LED interior and trunk lighting 

-Diamond stitched trunk liner Diamond stitched floor mats
- GT-R OEM Push start button

Performance Parts 

-Custom intake w/ HPS Tubing
-Hooker Headers electronic exhaust cutouts -Custom piping w/ Magnaflow Mufflers

Any shout outs or future plans?

-Performance mods
-Honeycomb carbon fiber full Interior trim -Honeycomb carbon fiber side splitters -Honeycomb carbon fiber front splitter -Honeycomb carbon fiber rear diffuser -Honeycomb carbon fiber side mirrors
I’m learning how to lay carbon fiber myself so I'm planning to make most of my own stuff and share it with the automotive community.


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