Backlash 2018 Coverage

Backlash 2018 Coverage

Backlash 2018 was a blast and it was truly a test of Florida’s weather. Most of the day was gloomy with very little sun but our supporters still came out and made the best of it. We didn’t have the greatest turn out but I believe it had a lot to do with the number of upcoming events and people’s perception of everyone must run. Backlash was formed to be different than your traditional track car show.

Victor of FL2k, and myself (Ross) of iLDS collaborated on this unique event where we wanted everyone to make at least one pass down the track. The motive here was to engage our communities in going to the track. Victor comes from a racing background as he is also a shop owner and driver. I come from a car show background where I have been hosting events since 2011 and meets even longer. Our collaboration was great we both shared the responsibility of executing the needs of the event with the help of Bradenton Motorsports Park. I couldn’t ask for a better partner and cohost for this event.

The plan was to host Backlash on the first Saturday of each April. The event was split up in four segments. We had the Elite, Drag/Roll-Racers, Show Cars/groups, and spectators. Along with the car show we would have the roll racing, and drag racing competition happening. During this time the show cars are getting setup and everyone is either watching the racing or checking out vendors and cars. As each racing competition comes to an end there will be a segment of test and tune. During the test and tune we allowed show cars to do at least one pass. During the test and tune there was no limit to the number of times the show cars could go down the track. During all of this, if you didn’t want to go down the track you didn’t have to. However, we would not judge your car. Judging? Our judging for this event was very simple. We watched the cars go down the track and we used the number on the left side of the car to find the owner. It didn’t matter how fast or slow the car went down the track we picked from the cars that participated to judge.

2018 Backlash was the event’s 2nd year. I believe anyone who participated had a great time. It was clear; you can see it on their faces. Many of the car show guys and girls were excited to launch their cars down the track for the first time. Some of our staff and faction also took the opportunity to promote our mission of taking it to the track. JJ’s 9 Second Hawkeye Subie was out there doing work. Many of our faction cars weren’t able to get done in time so it was not too packed in our home field. Our co-host was also unable to setup the bikini contest, which was a last minute issue. Rather than piecing together something that wasn’t quality we decided to move on without it.

Thoughts of a 2019 backlash are currently shaky. We are definitely going back to the drawing board to implement some of the feedback we’ve received. We are still reserving the first Saturday of April for this event. However, as we do our debriefing we will let you know first what we plan to do. In the mean time please follow the backlash pages and checkout our store for leftover backlash merchandise. If you have any feedback about this event or others please feel free to email or message us we want to know.

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