Winterfest 2018 Coverage.

Winterfest 2018 Coverage.

We are very thankful for all the support Winterfest received this year. Winterfest is our homecoming and we really try to go all out for it. We were scouting this venue for over three years and then we finally put the missing piece to the puzzle. The Sun N Fun is a school with a specific curriculum that helps younger kids be prepared to fly

We reviewed the venue’s size and wanted to make sure we made the best use of it. Now we are not new to airport events, we hosted Winterfest previously in Tampa at the executive airport. We believe what makes the airport venues pop is the constant movement of planes landing or taking off. Even the helicopter rides give it some dynamic.


Winterfest, had helicopter rides, an air show, all styles dance jam, sound off, best of show awards, best team awards, and we also gave away a flight for 2 to a lucky person that donated Toys for Tots. We felt at home in this venue. Everyone was on their best behavior. The overall vibe of the event was very positive and we can’t thank everyone enough for that. There was a refreshing spread of cars at the event and we definitely want the see that more and more at events.

2019 is young and we are hitting 10yrs as iLDS!!! We plan to do a very minimalistic event prior to Summervibes to celebrate. The date will be 5/25/2019, location we cannot disclose as yet but we will do so as soon as possible so everyone can plan. Summervibes will be on July 7th location will be disclosed later as well. As for Winterfest, we will be brining it back to Lakeland again on 12/14/2019. We are not hosting Backlash in 2019. We will take the time to celebrate our 10yr anniversary. We will rebuild and rebirth Backlash in 2020. In the mean time we will be supporting certain track events and expect you to do the same!

2018 was definitely a great year for us here at iLDS. We were featured on our local news and in our local newspaper. We hosted 3 awesome and expanded our reach. We definitely want to keep the momentum going and we can’t wait to continue growing with you in 2019!

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