Riverside Chattanooga 2021

Riverside Chattanooga 2021

We’ve heard about the Riverside Chattanooga event and figured we needed to check it out. We set out to be a vendor at RC in 2020 and the event was interrupted by the Coronavirus. It was crazy, we had everything packed up and was about to get on the highway, then noticed their post about the event cancelling. They still tried to do things locally around the venue but we decided to sit that one out.

2021 rolled around and we were highly interested in attending. This time we were more prepared and even able to bring one of our faction cars to be a part of our presentation. We brought Erick G with his 911 which was a great way to bring Florida shine to Tennessee.

Being that I host events, I always view events in a different lens. Mainly from a logistics point of view first and then from the point of view of a spectator. Most vendors would assume making a lot of money is the only thing that makes a vending experience great. However, we love to meet new people and catch up with others we haven’t seen in a while as well. We have been around since 2009.To this day, meeting new people and explaining what “i Love Driving Slow” stands for is humbling. It makes owning this brand worth doing.  Especially when they turn around, buy stickers, and other memorabilia to remember us by. Not to say, most follow us on IG/Facebook right away. So you see, if we add up all of the cost of vending out of state vs the benefits that are enabled by a great event it’s always a win.

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Will we go back next year?  Of course! I've dealt with many event promoters over the years and the experience I've had with the Riverside crew reminds me a lot of my crew. Upon the roll-in I was trying to figure out where to go. Not even 2 mins later, someone was there to greet and direct me where to go. Setup was very easy and everyone was in a “no worries” mood. Most didn’t know who we were upon roll-in but that didn’t matter. Not to mention, last year when their event cancelled they reached out to me personally to apologize for the unforeseen circumstance and that really stuck with me. We will definitely be back and I hope they stay true to this hospitality no matter how big they get.

This is yet another attempt to do event coverage of other events on our site. We started our brand doing this and with the launch of Instagram it was hard to release exclusive high quality content. Most photographers and owners were eager to post their content and we just couldn’t keep up with the robust platform that IG and Facebook are. However, we do understand there are grassroots enthusiasts and keyboard warriors that still like to go onto  websites to view this kind of content. We certainly hope you enjoy, feel free to share and comment so we know this kind of coverage is received well. We know most of you are on mobile but if you want to copy and save the photos do so from your computer. -Ross

Words: @ildsross
Booth Car: @erick_ilds_garcia
Photos: @BUSKIphoto

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