10 Year Anniversary Meet

10 Year Anniversary Meet

I'm asked, why do you host these events? What motivates you to host these events each year? How did you know you wanted to host events? How do you afford to do these events? Do you enjoy doing these events? 

The why is simple, I love bringing people together as cliché as it may sound. I was once class president of my middle school and high school before moving to Florida. Bringing people together and hosting events go in tandem. However, hosting an event takes a team. Not just any team, but hardworking individuals that can go the extra mile and remain cool even when situations aren’t the best. The ones that understand putting the needs of others ahead of theirs in lieu of hosting the event.

My main motivation for hosting the events would have to be the love of our supporters. We have grown to the point where I don’t know everyone on a first name basis. It’s like when we did member numbers and kept track of who all supported us. It’s just now such a large support structure that we couldn’t keep track. Knowing such a large number of people support our cause of safe driving and the events is very humbling. I have the important task of keeping it all together and that is my motivation to make sure we do it and do it well for all of our supporters!

Dealing with budgets is really something all event hosts have to manage. I don’t think we do it any differently. However, when we depend on pre-sales, vendor and sponsor capital it’s a risk we always take. Most venues need funding up front and many times its months in advance. We typically give ourselves enough time in promotion and offer incentives to the supporters that help us in advance by buying tickets early. We work very hard to build relationships with sponsors and different vendors. We also look out for new up and coming vendors/ businesses that sometimes need additional exposure to get their products and ideas out. It all counts when working with a budget. Lastly, I would handle whatever shortcomings we have.

Cars N Beaches was the birth of us hosting events. It started with a few close friends. It then expanded to inviting others and it definitely grew from there. Building relationships with the city, county, law enforcement and businesses relevant in guiding the success of our events was the next step. I did all of this whiles having fun. I wouldn’t do this if it weren’t fun. I’m a people person and I love positive vibes around me. If it weren’t fun it would be the last event. If you were able to attend Cars N Beaches on May 18th thank you! This would be a testament to what we stand for. Bringing people together!!!

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To another 10 years!  See you at Summervibes!!! 07/07/2019


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