Summervibes 2019 Photos

Summervibes 2019 Photos

On July 7th we hosted our 3rd Summervibes in Ybor City, the 4th overall Svibes. It was definitely an interesting one. We dodged a huge rainstorm and hit our record attendance for Svibes. We are nothing but thankful for everyone that showed us love this year. Especially a big thanks to all of the vendors, participants, spectators, and our sponsor Centro Ybor. Even with the increased cost of putting this event together, everyone helped us make it happen.

As we're getting ready for Winterfest 2019 we wanted to release the photo coverage. The video will come in a few weeks. I wanted to take a moment to highlight both Michaels that endured the crazy heat and gave it their all to produce this coverage for us. You will definitely catch them at our upcoming events.  

The Scavenger hunt was definitely something to do to kill time. We tried our best to include more incentives. We are very thankful for the support of the Ybor city merchants who donated items to the scavenger hunt. Also thanks to everyone who participated and provided feedback. You are the reason that we'll be able to do it again next year!

If you're planning to attend Winterfest this year, take a look at our Winterfest IX tab above. We are not doing Fresh100 sign-ups. Instead, all vehicles that are interested in being judged would have to register and pay before the event. Pricing is expected to increase each month, so purchase your tickets early to save. IE: Right now the general admission is only $5.

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