Erick's Wild Horse.

Erick's Wild Horse.

First Name: Erick
Last Name: Garcia
Instagram: @Erick_ILDS_Garcia
Photographer's Instagram: @Erick_ILDS_Garcia

Year: 2017
Make: Ford
Model: Mustang
Years: Owned 8 Months
Why do you love driving slow, or why not?: I don't 😉 and I'm not sure why.

Exterior Mods:
- Cervini front chin spoiler.
- Trufiber carbon fiber duckbill spoiler.
- AJ Hartman Aero carbon fiber canards.
- Black vinyl wrapped roof and hood vents.
- Custom front splitter, EZ-Lip side splitter.
- Custom rear diffuser fins.
- Blacked out GT and 5.0 emblems.
- Fog light delete, Opt-7 arrow led switchback front blinkers.
- RTR Style LED front grill, 6k HID headlight, Diode Dynamics 3rd Brake/Reverse light switchback conversion.
-Custom fender flares.

Wheels/ Suspension:
- GMR DS-5 20x10 and 20x12 wheels wrapped in Achilles 275/30 and 315/35’s.
- Airlift 3P performance air suspension.

Interior Mods
-Reverse lockout adapter with black delrin shift knob.
-LED interior lighting,
-Red stitched leather trunk liner, Trunk LED lighting
Performance or Sounds? MBRP axle back muffler deletes, SVE Resonator Delete X-Pipe, Dual Vertical stainless exhaust tips.

Any shout outs or future plans?: Boost (Whipple or twin turbo) supporting suspension modifications, red interior upholstery in the near future.


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