Winterfest IX Coverage

Winterfest IX Coverage

Words by Ross
Winterfest is our main event and we are very particular in how we go about it. However, this year we were tested. Many last-minute changes caused so much additional stress. Rather than complain, our crew came together and made it happen. I say it every year and I mean it, even more, this year. I cannot thank all my friends and family enough for what they do for iLDS. Also, a special thank you to all the vendors and show vehicle participants.  

I wanted to experiment this year. Get rid of the whole VIP(Fresh100) vibe and just have everyone come out. In hopes of muting the anxiety prior to the event. Surprisingly people hated it, they wanted to be either selected or denied. Though I don’t think that really mattered it proved that nowadays just going out to a show isn’t really a thing. People want to feel special and know that they are part of a chosen few. Trust me I’ve taken notes and we are ready for our next event. Another thing, parking. There is a good amount of grass parking and concrete parking. I watched this, someone told my crew they didn’t want to park in the grass. We then watched the same person at the end of the show park in the grass for pictures . 😕 I will never understand that. 

We currently have SVibes and Winterfest planned for next year. I have a feeling something else will take place as well. It’s not a secret, I just need to iron out the additional details. 2020 we also plan to do some traveling as well. We would love to meet some of our out of state supporters and maybe get them to come down here. 🙂 Again, thanks to everyone that made Winterfest great. The entire iLDS crew and Faction. 
Until next year!

WINTERFEST 2020 DATE: 12/12/2020

PS: We are open to any feedback. Feel free to email us.

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