Winterfest 2022 Coverage

Winterfest 2022 Coverage
On 12/10/2022 we hosted the 11th Winterfest. 2022 was a unique year for us as we attempted to do a 3rd event, Summervibes St. Pete. We executed this event the way we saw best; however, it was done because our plan to go to Miami didn’t work as expected. We really didn’t want to host another event in such close vicinity, but we did. Shortly after wrapping up Svibes St. Pete we began promoting Winterfest 2022 sponsored by Muv.

We worked very hard to promote and make our audience aware of the event. However, it seems as if there were other events expected to happen the same weekend. That certainly presented its challenges. However, our loyal supporters still showed up and showed out. We couldn’t be anymore thankful. As always we host Winterfest to bring people together, recognize builds that we saw to be the best of the show and to collect toys for tots.

At Winterfest we gave away a gaming PC which was build by PJBuildzPCs with a host of parts from many supporters, Logitech being one of them. The gaming PC was built live on our social media giving us the opportunity to connect with our audience as it was being built. Not only did the winner get the PC, they also got a gaming wheel and peddles to go with it. It was an awesome prize for just attending and donating a toy for tots.

We took the feedback over the years to create something that wasn’t just looking at cars. Winterfest encompasses a dance jam. RC drag racing, sound circle, 2step competition, car show, giveaways and the perfect opportunity for content creators. We are always open to feedback and use it to help make all of our events better.

Winterfest is always the 2nd weekend of December. In 2023 you can expect the event to fall on Saturday December 9th. We will have a different theme which means a different giveaway, different trophies , and different fresh100 Package.

We hope to have you at the next one. Here are some photos of last year’s experience. We are also accepting vendors and limelight vehicles for Summervibes Ybor 2023
View More Photos via Our Flickr: Follow us on IG @ilovedrivingslow Winterfest 2023

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