Summervibes Ybor City 2023

Summervibes Ybor City 2023
iLDS Summervibes Ybor 2023 was a very successful event in the means of attendance. We are grateful for the support from vendors and limelight participants. Without them this event would not happened. In the trying times, which suggest we raise pricing to fit the needs of our budget, it was certainly felt this year as we tried not to change much. Working with the City of Tampa has always been great and we continue to show them the positive representation of what our automotive community is.

So the event is called Summervibes and mainly is to represent the Florida atmosphere at most outdoor events. It's always hot and the rain is unpredictable. We have been trying our hardest to move the event into the cooler months to give event goers a better experience, that's why it was in April. We have no intention of hosting this event indoors, ever. That said, we aren't going to follow up with Summervibes St. Pete this year in the hotter months. We took the feedback and plan to capitalize on it. Though we won't host Svibes St.Pete in 2023 we may follow up after Winterfest. We're working on some other locations as well. Miami being one of them and ATL being another. Non of this is a secret but we'd prefer to give the information when all of our ducks are in a row. But I tell you, the amount of support from the enthusiast that drove up from Miami this year has us thinking that NEEDS to be the next move. 

As of now the next event we plan to promote is Winterfest.
We will do some early bird specials for show vehicles, teams and vendors. This will allow us to keep pricing for those that experienced sticker shock last year lower. It will also allow us to promote, evolve and grow the event as Winterfest is one of our largest planned events. There are many changes to this year's event and I certainly want to give it the best chance of being very successful this year. It's one of those events that if you haven't been you have to experience it.

If you love our events and feel that you could volunteer in anyway shoot me an Ross: email: 

We do these events for you and we'll continue to do them with your support. Feedback is golden in this environment so please let us know Also if you haven't already subscribe to our Youtube. We plan to be a lot more active there to give a better perspective of everything we do. 
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