Winterfest 2017 Coverage

Winterfest 2017 Coverage

Winterfest was nothing short but love. Everyone supported us even with the expectation of horrible weather. I can’t begin to tell you about the team we have here at iLDS. Everyone held it down and made the event what it was. We couldn’t control the weather, which it was truly a FL Winter. We collected a great amount of toys too, which was awesome to see due to the circumstances. There was also great support in the number of teams that attended this year and we are thankful for that. We also have future plans to make the teams’ experience more engaging. When I think about it, we gave away a cruise! It’s awesome to know that we had the influence on a lucky couple. I can’t wait to see pictures and see the awesome experience they have. Big shout outs to our sponsors and vendors. Without them we wouldn’t be able to make this happen. We can’t wait to begin planning next year’s Winterfest. The list of people that made it happen this year, from the judges we brought in, and the people that drove all the way from Canada. You guys are the reason I do this. It’s for the love man, it really is.

Well, up next for us will be FL2k & iLDS Presents: Backlash’18, then Summer Vibes in Ybor City. We’re happy to announce that Svibes is staying in Ybor as it was initially intended to move around Florida. We do however; plan to move Winterfest back to an airport venue in 2018 as we leaked at this year’s Winterfest. We have so much in store for 2018 and we definitely are fueled by your support. Thanks everyone!

Give us a few days, we plan to direct you to all the media pass coverage as well as the official event coverage from our talented photographer and cinematographer. We will also let you know when what remains of the Winterfest Merchandise will be available for purchase. Shout outs to all the vendors that supplied our guest with awesome hoodies… Yall are the realest MVPs. If you want to vend or be in the backlash Elite get with us in January. Enjoy your Holidays EVERYONE!


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