ENZO's RHD Domani Conversion

ENZO's RHD Domani Conversion

Why are you doing features again? It's dead. IG and Facebook have taken over. Why go backwards?  

There are many questions and most, honestly I don't have the answer to. The same businesses that are questioning this should embrace it. The entire car community has been altered as to how and where content is shared. The majority of us look to Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Snapchat, and very rarely forums to see what's new and trending. There's nothing wrong with that but I like to look at that as an appetizer.

The content of the same people that support us and that drastically transform their cars is very short lived on social media. I have chosen to start investing my own time and money sourcing great photographers and awesome owners. It's not just a ploy on SEO but something to hold over or supporters between the events we host and do coverage for. It's also not about the number of features we do but most importantly a display of vehicles we'd likely pick to be in our limelight or Fresh100. I want to support the automotive community that has supported me for years. I want to help automotive photographers get their work published on our notable site. I also want to show our automotive industry what our supporters have to offer.

I met Enzo many years ago, a great guy and he was very interested in being a part of our events. His previous setup didn't make it into one of our shows but he didn't lose momentum. He set our goals and conquered them, he would also reach out to me and let me know of his progress. 

What I admired most was his will to keep things under wraps until they were completed. It was like he disappeared for a whole year and then pop-up with a full reveal of his car. I really like the color choice and wheel selection. I've seen a few Domani conversions and this one was definitely tastefully put together. I can't wait to see it continually evolve and inspire others. 


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Civic Sedan EX

Why do you love driving slow, or why not?

I love exactly what it means I love to drive slow and just cruise


Exterior Mods

- Full Domani Conversion

( Trunk, Mirrors, and Honda Fit lip)

-All Isuzu front grill and badges

-  Color Change 

Wheels/ Suspension

-Three Piece BBS RS

(Type R yellow faces, new hardware)

-Front are 16x9 +15 165/45/16 

-Rear are 16x 10 -7  195/40/16

- Federals 

-Skunk2 Camber kit 

- MPC Drop Forks

- Air Lift Management and Bags

Interior Mods

-RHD Conversion and Matching Interior Pieces

 -Mugen Steering Wheel on an  NRG Tilt Adapter 

- Domani Cluster

- A Refreshed OEM Interior

-Recaro SR3 Seats 

Performance Parts and/or Sound?

A Refreshed D-Series 

Any shout outs or future plans?

I plan to K-Swap the car in the future , but for now I just want to enjoy it.

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