Progress is Progress Shirt
Progress is Progress Shirt

Progress is Progress Shirt

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Graphite Grey Shirt: 

  • 6.1 oz./yd² (US)
  • Soft ring-spun cotton fabric with 100% cotton threads
  • Relaxed fit

If you know me very well you know about this build. I forgot when I bought the shell but let's just say this has been a long ride. My purpose for this build was to have a fun track car that I didn't mind beating on. If it broke oh well, put it in the garage until I have the time/funds to fix it. The reason it has taken so long is because aesthetically it needed paint and body. There was rust, and some other things I wanted to change. If this build was finished shortly after buying the shell we wouldn't be talking about it in this detail now lol. 

There are so many lessons learned in this process that I would pass on to anyone. This ride is certainly a tribute to "take your time" and or  "trust the process". One would think a man of my stature would have the resources money, sponsors, know-how, etc to get this car done in a weekend like you see most of your YouTubers and influencers do. However, that's the humbling part. In many ways, I do. However, if no one can see the vision how can they help you? lol. Also, not all help is good help. This is a process and if you don't have money you have to have a lot of time. If you don't have the knowledge you have to have a lot of patience to do the research. 

The bottom line is if you want to build something that you'll appreciate it will take time. Anything worth having will not come easy and if you want to get something done you have to work at it. As long as you're moving forward progress is progress. 

I started with this platform 

I am building an AWD Turbo, K20A2 swapped Sedan.

The car is in my garage and I'll slowly continue putting it together. I appreciate all the love and support from my friends and supporters. I haven't sent out any sponsorship proposals. I've supported many of my local friend's businesses and I still plan to do so. This car will be a drag car and as of now, I don't plan to ever drive it on the street. It will be at the iLDS shows as it's planned to promote "take it to the Track". 

I have a lot of photos, and videos of the build process as far. I may put most of it together in a montage soon. I'm hoping to do more with the car in 2024 and I can't wait for you all to see it. Purchasing this shirt means a lot to me. I don't need charity but the support goes far. I plan to invest the funds from these shirts in this build. Currently, the car needs turbo stuff/fab work, some of the random AWD stuff/installation, brakes, all the bushings and suspension, tires, a racing seat, a dash display, a harness bar/harness, new tail lights, and center garnish. This list is never-ending and to think I'm not building this motor lol.  As I said I don't need charity I know many of you will look out and I appreciate that. I wanted to make the shirt for iLDS but I decided to do it as a personal shirt mainly because it's more about me. It's on the iLDS platform because I don't care to build another store, to be honest. I do not plan to sell these shirts at events. 

Please allow 2.5-3 weeks for the first batch of shirts to go out. Maybe Sooner. If you have any questions DM me on the link above or email me directly 
Email you can ask for my number if you want to talk like I'm very down to earth. I promise you I'm human. 

A huge Shoutout to the brands that have directly and indirectly assisted with the build so far.

S1Built.  - A wealth of knowledge and deff the team putting the AWD stuff together.
DC5Creation - He knows everything there is about the Motor I have and makes stuff for it. 

JackSpania Racing - They are local and I needed stuff and they got it to me quickly.

Pro Class Performance- They made my Fuel Cel and might be doing my cage. A wealth of Knowledge as well. 

Wireworx- Regardless of what people say these dudes got the car to start. They answered all my wiring questions about the chassis harness even before taking my money. I could have probably built it myself based on all the questions I asked but it was only right to get it made here in FL. 

Tátobien Engine Carts - When I tell you that their customer service was on another level, he drove to my house to help me with the cart. Honestly, I was blown away. Not saying he'll do that for everyone, maybe he was in the area idk. However, He backed up his work.

Reality Customs- They painted the car. I'm still waiting on the doors, bumper, and hood. Oh and them helping to line everything up that should be fun. 

There are a bunch more including some enthusiasts that just do this stuff. I appreciate you all. Thanks for guiding me.