Summervibes Limelight Registration

Thank you for your interest in Summervibes 2021. We are excited about the opportunity to bring people together and to furnish our unique venue for you, our chosen limelight vehicles. We are not holding spots or accepting admission on the event day so this is your only opportunity to be a limelight vehicle in the event. We have limited spots available in the limelight so once accepted please secure your spot right away. If we do not receive a prompt payment within 48hrs of acceptance, your spot will be up for grabs. NO REFUNDS!
The limelight cost is $70, Plus PayPal Fee + tax. 
**Pricing is subject to change for late purchases closer to event date** 



- All Passengers

- Event T-Shirt

- Event Air Freshener

- Exclusive Limelight Parking

(All Limelight packages are given to the vehicle owner the day of the event. If unable to attend please contact us.) 


Summervibes 2021 is on Sunday May 23rd 
Time: 11AM - 4PM  
Vehicles selected for the limelight will have specific instructions as to when and where to enter.