Barr's R32 GTR

Barr's R32 GTR

What do we have for you this month?  

Man when I tell you doing these features is some serious work. Aligning photographers and owners will forever get the best of me. As they say, anything worth doing is going to be difficult at first. The final product for me is always rewarding and that’s why I press forward. We have worked with some very talented photographers to compile these features. Also a huge shout out to the owners for working with us and being patient as we spend time producing the features.

I’ve known Mike Barr for many years. Barr and I go back to his 8thcivic days when he owned his old school Camaro as his show car. There have always been positive vibes whenever I’m around Mike and I admire that. It’s funny, sometimes you meet automotive enthusiasts and they can be socially awkward lol. However, around Mike he’s very informative and helpful if you ever needed to know something. 

I remember when Mike told me he purchased the GTR I couldn’t believe him. Haha, It’s not that these cars are hard to find but it’s always questionable the condition they will come in. I know Mike made many sacrifices to get the GTR. Also knowing it was his dream car it really connected as to why he took his time to build it. Like I said, I saw it when he first got it. I believe it was at a Reeves Gathering meet and I was wowed that he already started modifying it lol. It was literally a few months later and the car was completely different. I’m very happy for his accomplishment and I long to see where he goes with the build. I know with any performance modified car there’s the need for speed and I know he will manage it responsibly.

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Skyline GTR

Why do you love driving slow, or why not?

I built my car to drive it on the street and put a smile on my face as often as possible. Sometimes that comes from cruising around town at low speeds taking in the moment and enjoying the ride. Other times it could involve a pull and enjoying all the power, noise and theatrics that a 600hp+ big turbo RB26 creates.

At the end of the day I wanted to build a car that I could thoroughly enjoy and be proud of in any scenario; on the street, at a show or on the track. This was my dream car as a kid, so when I got the opportunity to make that dream a reality I committed to making it my vision of the perfect BNR32

Exterior Mods

-  DoLuck T2 body kit.
(Front bumper, Side skirts, Rear bumper)
- N1 headlights.
- Bomex Japan mirrors.
- Fujimura carbon gurney flap.
- R34 GTR Bayside blue metallic paint.
- Custom aluminum chassis-mounted splitter.

Wheels/ Suspension

-Rays Nismo LMGT2. ( converted to 3 piece) -Toyo Proxes R888R.
- FortuneAuto 500s coilovers.
- GKTech Hicas lockout bar.
- GKTech rear tie rods.
-Hi-Rev big brake kit.
(6 piston front calipers/4 piston rear)
- 2 piece rotors, stainless brake lines running DOT4 fluid.

Interior Mods/ Sound

-Recaro SR2 x PasswordJDM collab seats with Recaro rails and sliders.
-Nismo Yellow cigarette lighter.
- ECUMaster ADU5 digital dash.
- NRI x Willans collab 4-point harnesses.
- NRG harness bar.
- KEY!S Racing Suede Steering wheel.
- KEY!S Racing suede shift knob.
- Shirtstuckedin cup holder.
- AEM Air and Fuel gauge,
- Tomei boost gauge.
- Custom AWD/RWD switch and Rolling anti-lag switch.
- Broadway rear view mirror.

Performance Parts 

-Precision 62/62 ball bearing twin-scroll turbo. -DocRacing turbo manifold.
- TurboSmart external wastegate (x2)
- TurboSmart raceport blow off valve.
- Custom titanium intercooler piping
- ECU Masters EMUBlack ECU w/custom harness.
- R35 Coil packs.
- HKS adjustable cam gears.
- HKS timing belt.
- Otaku Garage intake manifold.
- Garage Defend carbon cooling panel.
- HKS fuel rail.
- IDX 1050cc injectors.
- Walbro 550lph fuel pump.
- GM Flex Fuel sensor.
- Custom catch can.
- Aeromotive FPR.
- Koyo Radiator.
- Nissan N1 water pump.
- PRP LS1 alternator kit.
- HKS downpipe.
- Tomei titanium test pipe.
- Tomei Expreme TI exhaust
- Nismo Super coppermix clutch.

- JL Audio mids/rears/subwoofer.
- Memphis Audio amplifier.

Any shout outs or future plans?

My amazing sponsors: Toyo Tires, FortuneAuto Suspension, ECUMaster, and my fantastic tuner, Troy -Trilogy Performance.


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