SummerVibes 2019

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Summervibes 2018 in the historic district of Ybor City was very successful. We received so much positive feedback, which has forced us to do it here again. This year’s event on 7th avenue will spread from 15th Street to 20th Street. The limelight, sponsors, and vendors will be on 7th avenue and the adjacent side streets. All other spectators will park in surrounding parking lots and especially in the Ybor City parking garage. All local restaurants and businesses will be aware of the event and will welcome us. ILDS will have a main hub for the event where we will host with a DJ, giveaways, scavenger hut games, drink specials, cigar bar, restrooms, and more. We truly hope you consider this event and come out for a great time.

- Deadline: May 3rd or when all spots are paid for. (which ever occurs first) 
- We will not accept payment the day of the event. 
- Each submission has 1 week to be paid for or it risks possible deletion.
- Submissions are for the entire car (driver and all passengers)
- Limelight participants receive:
                -Parking in the event.
                - Care package:  Event Shirt and Air freshener.  
- Care package must be picked up at the iLDS booth on event day.
- Each participant must submit a valid Vehicle Insurance card that expires no earlier than after the event.
- Limelight Participants must be prepared to park from 11AM-4PM. We cannot move cars once the event is setup and roads are blocked. *** Strictly enforced by Tampa PD.***
No Refunds!!!  In the event of inclement weather or unable to attend we will still mail your care package. We will give you a week after the event day to email us your correct mailing address. iLDS will not be responsible for lost mail. No Refunds!!!
Sign-Up Here!

-Deadline:  May 31st or when all spots are paid for. (which ever occurs first)
- We cannot accept Food or Beverage Vendors. 
- Vendor fees must be paid in advance. ( we are not accepting payments the day of the event)   
- All fees are final ( In the event of inclement weather No Refunds!

Sign-up Opens: 3/1/19 

- Stay current on our social media for updates. 

- Look for free parking before paying. 
- Participate in our Scavenger Hunt.
- Go to the stage for free stuff from iLDS and Vendor/Sponsors .

For all questions please contact us below.