Winterfest 2018 Team Registration

Both teams are required to be registered to win. We will not allow teams to register the day of the show. All tickets must be purchased online. Each team that registers are eligible to have members as booth cars and in the fresh100 but they must be accounted for in registration.
We are excited to deliver to you our 2018 Winterfest Team Competition.
A team is considered 5 or more members.
Best Team Quality ($500)
The team that shows with the best quality rides, presentation, and organization.
Best Team Quantity ($300) 
The that shows with the most vehicles, organization, and presentation. 
-  Ability to setup a team tent 
- Early Team Parking (Faster Roll-in)
- Win as a Team 
- Cash Prize  

1. Team leader or president please fill out below form. 
2. Include a group photo if any for promotion ( Not Required) 
3. Please advise us with the number of members you plan to have attend.
4. Wait for a response to determine if your team was accepted.