Summervibes Weekend Day 2 Coverage

Summervibes Weekend Day 2 Coverage

So first things first, Summervibes Miami isn’t happening this year. I’m so sorry to have to deliver this bad news. However, on the brighter side, Summervibes weekend was one that we would never forget. We want to continue doing events that give a purpose, either a rare location or a theme that is memorable. Summervibes weekend was all accomplished by working with the cities, sponsors, vendors, all the participants, our crew, and other brand supporters.

A huge shoutout to Dumas and Sanclemente Law,, for working with us exclusively for Summervibes Ybor. We were grateful for their partnership and hope to work with them again. If you’re ever in an accident in Florida give them a call and see if they can help get you the care and representation you need. We are always looking for companies to partner with, shoot us an email if your company finds interest in working directly with us.

Summervibes weekend started in Clearwater and wrapped up in Ybor. The name “Summervibes” has been around for over 5yrs, we started in Lakeland and made it a permanent home in Ybor City. The goal as I’ve always said is to move Summervibes around FL and then eventually around the nation. Nothing against traveling shows, but we want to bring substance no matter where we go. So we’ve been patient and will make the move when we feel the time is right. Financially hosting a show where you don’t charge spectators is very difficult especially in 2024 where the issues with the economy are being felt everyday. We cannot be thankful for our crew, those supporting our store, show participants, vendors, and most importantly sponsors who help us keep our doors open. 

So no Miami what’s next?  Well, iLDS turns 15 on May 28th and I wanted to do something special for our supporters. However, I couldn’t find a venue that was able to accommodate more than 100 cars that would allow me to keep the cost minimal to make it a free event. So that may pop-up (pop-up meet) if we decide to do something. I promise you, if we don’t do anything for our 15 years, our 20 years of ILDS will be something very special. That said, Winterfest is next and it’ll be hosted on 12/14/2024. We are experiencing delays from our venue as we’re trying to handle all of the nitty gritty before marketing the location and event information. This year’s theme is expected to be a space theme. We will have the Fresh100, our theme based showcase and regular show area registrations open as soon as negotiations with our venue have been finalized.

Again I would like to thank our crew, those supporting our store, show participants, vendors, and most importantly sponsors who help us keep our doors open. We cannot do this without your support. The Summer Vibes official video will be posted to our youtube. Please make sure to go over there and watch our videos, subscribe and help us grow there.


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